-          News briefing/ National Home Owners Association Launch, January 1, 2011 Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., January 1, 2011 – Leaders of local Communities pulled together and joined forces to overcome the trials of our economic hardships and break through to new grounds in their efforts to take care of their members by providing a national collaboration of home owner association panelists dedicated to sharing knowledge, research, experience, and project financing so they can provide the best programs, discounts, benefits, solutions, and opportunities to their members.

The National Home Owners Association are on a fast track to implement their strategies as they continue to bring on some of the most trusted, licensed professionals in each local community. NHOA only work with licensed Realtors as his representation in each community because of their moral and ethical commitments and standards they have to live up to and because they are on the front line in this battle trying to help the home owners in their current situations.

“It’s unbelievable that this hasn’t happened until now, but I guess when local communities are struggling on a national scale with unemployment, foreclosure, increased health care costs, food & gas prices going through the roof and so on, the only way to get through this is to pull together as a national community. By putting together all of the resources of each individual home owner association chapter we have an awesome opportunity to deal with these issues.”

When asked why the organization decided to only work with licensed professionals, they responded, “It makes the most sense; I mean think about it, they are not going to gamble with the lives of their clients. These folks are in the trenches, giving their lives for their clients. Not to mention they are in the habit of adhering to their moral and ethical values. They truly want to serve and they are good at it. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.”

“By taking the lessons learned through all the experiences of each area across the country, it creates a master-mind of knowledge, systems, and programs of the highest levels and we can take those and share them across the board. We become a super team in our efforts to providing what we already know our members need, while finding out faster and more effectively what the new needs are as they arise and apply that to all the local communities that have those needs”

At NHOA, there is a lot of work to do and they are busy doing it. Over one million home owners lost their homes in 2010, and experts are saying that number will double in 2011. NHOA is committed to making the difference by offering full service solutions to all their members. For those who are losing their home there are already programs in place to help them save their home if they want to stay, help them sell their home if they want to move, and all the combined resources to get them the best solutions to meet their needs. There is a lot going on at NHOA and they are looking for more help from highly ethical licensed professional. To get involved, or find out more, see the contact information below. Otherwise, stay tuned as NHOA helps to restore the integrity of this great country one community at a time.

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Email: Media@NHOA.org || NHOA press room, January 1, 2011