How To Join NHOA?

NHOA is constantly striving to give our members exactly what they want and need.  The focus toward our members is to give… As little as you want, but as much as you need!

We have developed a…   Custom Membership™  … approach to joining NHOA.

What is Custom membership™?

Our approach to membership is called Custom Membership.  Our ongoing goal is to provide as much customized service as possible, to our members.  Therefore, your membership in NHOA should be as tailored to your organizations needs as possible.

A Custom Membership in NHOA will…

Give Your Home Owners Association An Outstanding Project,

to help You take your Group,

From Today to Tomorrow.

A Custom Membership in NHOA will…

Give you and your Home Owners Association

the Experience of Multiple Home Owners Association Groups

and NHOA Development Partners,

Which will help you to not go it alone.

If you think you are the entire picture,

you will never see the big picture.

–          John C. Maxwell,

The 17 indisputable Laws of Teamwork

A Custom Membership in NHOA will be…

–          Tailored to your specific Wants and Needs.

–          Focused On Your Goals and Objectives.

–          Designed with your Time and Financial constraints in mind.

–          Dedicated to Outstanding Results.

Why Custom Membership™?

Briefly, Custom Membership is important because:

–          Trade associations are at different levels of development.

–          Different Industries Need Different Solutions.

–          Trade and Home Owners Association Groups have large budgets, or, little or no budget.

–          Invest in what your organization needs. No more, No less.