About NHOA

What is NHOA?

NHOA is the National Home Owners Association.   NHOA, which is pronounced “Noah”, is an organization that focuses on serving Home Owner Associations and Home Owners Association Groups throughout the Country.

Our ongoing mission is:

Helping Home Owner Associations Work Together to Make Great Things Happen!

NHOA helps HOA leaders to improve their services to the many trade-related constituencies that they serve.


Many Trade Associations and Home Owners Association Groups have struggled in the past with key areas critical to their success.  NHOA helps Home Owner Associations and other Home Owners Association Groups that are faced with these concerns:

–          Unhappy With The Number Of New Members.

–          Challenges In Making Existing Members Happy.

–          Delays In Trying to Seize Important New Opportunities.

–          Difficulty in Providing a Total Solution for Member Problems.

How Does NHOA Help?

We at NHOA, help our members:

–          Create Reasons for New Members to Join their group.

–          Create New Reasons for Existing Members to Stay.

–          Quickly Seize New Opportunities for Their Members.

–          Provide Complete Solutions to Their Member Problems.

–          Create Income Producing Projects (non-dues revenue)

We Help our provider members by helping them

–          Make profitable ties with trade and Home Owners Association groups

–          Help groups see how providers solutions will help

–          Facilitate Home Owners Association wide roll-outs for products and services