How Do You Join A NHOA Project?

There are a number of way to Join an NHOA Project.

First, NHOA in some cases, Invites specific Trade Associations to Participate in specific projects that will most likely make sense to the organization.

Second, Trade Associations are welcome to participate in any NHOA “open” projects.  NHOA Open Projects are projects that allow open membership.   Some member-initiated projects are “closed projects”, and require an invitation.  Other projects require an application to be filled out and submitted for approval by the project members.

Third, Trade Associations may want to create a new NHOA project themselves.  Typically, a new NHOA project is created by existing NHOA members.  (however, pre-membership is not required)  After members have joined another NHOA project, they see how NHOA can help, and desire the assistance of NHOA in facilitating some other specific objective or mission.  These projects can be “Open” or “Closed” and/or may be “Public” or “Private”.   See Project Types for more information on the types of NHOA projects that are created.