NHOA Projects

A NHOA Project Helps You…

Take Your Home Owners Association Today…

…To Your Home Owners Association Tomorrow.

About NHOA Projects

NHOA makes helps you make things happen by creating and managing specific Home Owners Association projects that can supercharge your Home Owners Association.  When you as a Trade Association, Home Owners Association Group, or constituent join any NHOA project, you become a member of NHOA.   NHOA is a collection project-based organizational units.  Each of these projects is designed to address a specific set of needs.  Usually, projects are created to either:  Solve A Problem or to Seize An Opportunity.

Our view is that all Projects are unique.  This can make it difficult and complex to manage multiple projects.  However, to simplify our Development Process, we have categorized projects into various Project Types.

Project participation always has some kind of Project Commitment.  Many NHOA projects are “public-service” projects, which typically require no investment of funds, but may require the time it takes to participate.  Visit the Project Commitment link for more information on different types of participation.

The NHOA approach to membership allows any Home Owners Association groups to participate as little as they want, but as much as they need.  See Why Join?, for more information on becoming an NHOA member.