How To Join

National Home Owners Association

A Trade Association or Home Owners Association Group joins NHOA when they participate in any NHOA project. NHOA has no general membership per se, only project based membership. When you join an NHOA project, you join NHOA. There is no general membership fee to join NHOA. However, Project participation sometimes requires a commitment to various investments of time and/or money, and sometimes it does not. Many NHOA projects are “public-service” projects, which typically require no investment of funds, but may require the time it takes to participate.

The NHOA approach to membership allows Home Owners Association groups to participate in any specific undertaking that NHOA is involved in, without having to commit to supporting many programs that are not needed by the Trade Association Member.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any NHOA projects or any other questions or comments that you may have.